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Lot 119 N Bob White

Kingman AZ 86401

Neighborhood Info
Lot 119 N Bob White
Kingman, AZ 86401
MLS#: 939109
0 Bath 0 Bed
Text "8206454" to 79564
  • Nearest Gym 5 Miles
  • Nearest Airport 5 Miles
  • Nearest Hospital 5 Miles
  • Nearest Gas Station 5 Miles
  • Nearest School 5 Miles
About the Property

A very private 36 acre parcel on the north border of Willow Creek Ranch. 36 Acs Off Grid Good Wells in Area Kingman AZ! It adjoins acres and acres of public land. A 36 acre minimum community, with rough topography, abundant wildlife, great water and incredible views. You can build a hunting or vacation camp, or create a self sufficient homestead here. 36 Acs Off Grid Good Wells in Area...

What's nearby in 20 miles:
20+ Gym 20+ Airport 20+ Hospital
20+ Gas Station 20+ School 20+ Fire Station
20+ Night Life 20+ Bank 20+ Post Office
Listing By Elise Harron Residential Dirt Road Real Estate AZ
Kingman AZ 86401
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Dewey AZ
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